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where to buy cheap monclerIt was there she began writing the first Harry Potter book.While Rowling, 42, has spoken before of her battle with depression, it is the first time she has admitted that she contemplated suicide. She said she finally sought professional circumstances were poor and I really plummeted, said Rowling. Later that day, he invited Ms. Chan to a party on his yacht, which was docked in Sag Harbor. Larry Flynt'' and Kingpin,'' Harrelson can be seen in two holiday season releases: The Thin Red Line'' and The Hi Lo Country.''Harrelson got his start and won an Emmy playing bumbling bartender Woody Boyd on Cheers.'' Social activism accompanied his movie success. He has protested against laws criminalizing the cultivation of hemp and against logging in old growth forests.He's the first to admit many movie fans have no sympathy for actors who use their celebrity to back social causes.Eventually people just want you to shut up,'' Harrelson said.Springer bouncer says stardom helpsJerry Springer's onstage bouncer, Steve Wilkos, is a moonlighting Chicago cop who can forget about becoming the next Serpico.I'm never going anywhere on the Police Department undercover,'' because he's so widely recognized, Wilkos said in Sunday's New York Post.His shaved head and imposing size (6 feet 3 inches, 225 pounds) add to Wilkos' prominence on the Springer show, where he is the first to jump in and break up the frequent scuffles between combative guests.

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